Monday, March 30, 2009

Two Weeks In.

Rohan is two weeks old today. It seems impossible that two weeks ago right now, I was just realizing I was in labor, and within mere hours I would give birth to a beautiful and BIG baby boy!

We're doing great. post-partum hormones aren't as bad this time around as they were the first time, breastfeeding is easier and going much better, and Rohan is a much more mellow baby than Luca was. Don't get me wrong: she was a great baby, but he's just less inclined to cry randomly and more inclined to nap for 2 straight hours on my chest. So sweet. I have to brag too, about Luca, because she has really taken to being a big sister. She always wants to sit next to me while I feed Rohan, and she gives him kisses or asks to "See baby feet!". She even 'helps' me burp him. Awwwww...she was born to be a big sister!! Best of all, she's perfected saying his name, telling people about her Baby Rohan. I love that girl more and more every day. For every mom expecting a second and worried about how you'll feel about them compared to the first or whether your love for your first will change, fear not! Having Rohan has made me love and appreciate Luca even more than before. She's such a bright light in our lives.

I must say my husband has been amazing as well. He burps Rohan, he changes diapers, he helps with bathtime, he gets me a bottle of water before bed, he makes me breakfast, and he's stepped up his game even MORE than usual with Luca. Anyone who knows Darrick knows he ADORES that girl and is an awesome dad already, so to be an even awesomer (not a real word, but who cares?) dad is quite a feat. He's the best!!

I know I just posted a ton of pictures, but I HAVE to share these as well. My friend Adrian is starting up a photography business (how lucky am I that I always seem to have friends starting up photography businesses???), and she came to get newborn pics of Rohan. Poor Adrian caught him at a time when he decided to NOT be sleepy and content, so she waited almost 2 hours to get the perfect sleeping newborn shots. And THEN, after she displayed such patience, he peed on her blanket and then his cord stump fell off on it. Nice, Rohan. Real classy! Regardless, she did an amazing job capturing my little sweetheart and his big sis. Here are her pictures. And if you're looking for someone to take pics for you in the East Valley, check out her website at

You may notice in these and some of our other pictures that our boy has what appears to be a really lumpy head. What he has is actually a cephalohematoma, or a collection of red blood cells between his scalp and his skull. It's not harmful, and will reabsorb into his body over time. Most babies who have these get them from medical interventions such as forcep or vacuum extractions, but Rohan got his from coming out with his hand by his face and getting 'stuck' for a bit. Poor bruiser did battle with Mommy and lost. :)


Colleen said...

For her future reference, with the peeing. Tell her to get the little "pee pads" for animals, and tuck it under the baby, so you can't see it in photos, and it protects!!
A photographer friend of mine gave me that little hint!
I love those pictures, she did a great job and you are doing a great job as mommy to 2!!!

Dear Diary... said...

I LOVE the pics!!! Especially the ones of his all nekkid and curled up all innocently on the beige blanket thingie!

speedy said...

wow those are gorgeous photos. i'd love to get pics like that next time around.

Anonymous said...

such beautiful babies!


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