Wednesday, March 11, 2009

39 Week, 3 Day Appointment.

We went and saw our MW this morning, rather than waiting for this weekend. I really have nothing to report. I'm still pregnant, baby is still head down, and all is still well. We didn't make a 'next' appointment this time. According to her chart, I am due on Sunday, so if I'm still pregnant come Monday, I'll call her and we'll go in for another visit. We were laughing over an 'induction' technique she suggested. It's called the Chocolate Ice Cream Induction, and involves eating as much chocolate ice cream as you can in one sitting. I asked how it works and she said like castor oil it's likely to should I say it?...lots of toilet time, which can sometimes start contractions. I decided to skip it in favor of NOT living on the toilet WHILE being in labor.

Tonight is a full moon, so....maybe?


Anonymous said...

Last night was a full moon too!!

It's supposed to the trick! :)

Can't wait,
I. Emily

Elizabeth, not the crazy anon stalker said...

The more you tell about your midwife, the more I realize she should be in my life too. I'm eating chocolate ice cream RIGHT NOW! I'll get back to you on how it works... :)

*speedracer* said...

I totally forgot you had this blog. I hope you don't mind me checking to see when #2 debuts.

how do you keep the water in the inflatable tub WARM??


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