Thursday, August 12, 2010


Ok, fine, so I am neurotic. I worry about Luca and preschool and 19 other kids and no brother around and and and and....

Relief. "She is doing very well." Aside from the fact she's not eating much at preschool (which anyone who knows Luca knows is pretty par for the course with her and if she was eating her whole lunch I'd have to pay them extra for creating a miracle), she got a fabulous 'report'!

On top of it, she's started to talk about people there aside from the student-teachers (Miss K and Miss V) and teacher-teachers. She made friends with a 'new Madison', not to be confused with 'the real Madison at Laura's house'. She talks about Kate, with the pretty hair and dresses every day. And then, today:

Me: "So, Luca, there are 14 boys in your class. Have you made friends with any of them?"
Her: "Um, no. Well, sort of."
Me: "What are the names of the boys you're friends with?"
Her: "Um, I eat next to Aidan." (they have chairs with their names on them, where they sit at lunch)
Darrick: "Do you think he's cute Luca?"
Her: "No!" (giggle)
Darrick: "Are there any boys you do think are cute?"
Me: "I'm not ready for this."
Her: "No. Well maybe there is onnnnne."
Me: "No."
Darrick: "What is his name?"
Her: "I don't know, Dada! His name is kinda weeeeeird."
Me: "What does he look like? What color hair?"
Her: "Cute hair, Mama."

Oh holy hell. She is 3, and she has her first crush? For the record, we then suggested that she point him out to us next time he's there when we drop her off or pick her up. I am going to be keeping my eye on that boy with the weird name!

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