Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shamrock Shake-Up

Mc Donald's has few menu items I care for. I used to love their breakfast bagels, but they discontinued them. Their fries are delish (cow fat be damned!), as is their ice cream. And I can eat their breakfast, though sometimes it leaves me feeling like I have gut rot.

BUT...the Shamrock Shake. AH the Shamrock Shake. I LOVE this shake like no other. And they only make it around St. Patrick's Day, so as soon as I heard someone mention them a few weeks ago, I had a craving for one.

I put aside my craving for a week, and then one day I decided to hit our local McD's and order one. Sadly, I was informed they 'didn't have them yet'. This was about a week and a half ago.

This past Sunday, after dinner, I made Darrick go through the SAME drive thru to order me one. And this time we were told, "We don't have them anymore." Um....ok....what the crap?!?! 10 days ago you didn't have them YET, and now you don't have them ANYMORE?

Not one to be easily discouraged, I decided I'd try again at another McD's on another day. There's a McD's by the freeway on my way home, so I decided today was that day. I pull up to the order box and ask if they have Shamrock Shakes. "Yes, we do," (ELATION!)., "But the machine is currently broken. Sorry."

Fine. Fine. The universe is CLEARLY trying to tell me something (perhaps, "Isn't your ass fat enough, you pigbitch?"), so I need to give up on this quest, right?


We had dinner with my mom tonight, and after dinner she asked if we wanted to stop by the McDonald's in the parking lot for ice cream. Well who am I to say no to a twist of fate like this?

So into McD's we go. I saunter up (ok, waddle...) and ask, "Do you have Shamrock Shakes?". The evil woman behind the counter mumbles "No." almost incoherently.

"I'm sorry...you do not?"

"No. They are a special item, so we only have them for 2-3 weeks every year."

Now, riddle me this. St. P's Day is NEXT WEEK. Precisely WHICH weeks of the year do you carry them, McDonald's??? Two weeks in February? Perhaps 3 weeks in June?

They are SHAMROCK SHAKES. If you cannot supply me with one in the week prior to St. Paddy's Day, you SUCK AT LIFE.

(If you came to the blog to see if I'm still pregnant, I think the answer is pretty obvious, huh?)


Anonymous said...

So I did come to the blog to see if you were still pregnant... However, what I got was hysterical laughter.

Katie--you are FUNNY!

I have never had a Shamrock Shake but now I must give it a whirl.

BTW: I think the McDonald's at 32nd St. and Indian School has these wonderful shakes you speak of. I go there every morning for my Diet Coke. AKA Liquid Crack. :)

Hang in.....
Intern Emily

Crystal said...

I made Jacob read this post because I liked it so much. His response, and I quote, "That is horrible. HORRIBLE!"


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