Sunday, March 15, 2009


In the interest of mind-numbing psuedo-research to kill time while waiting for baby, I decided to experiment on my pits. Yes, my pits.

You see, I am a sweaty person. I've convinced myself it's nothing to be ashamed of as it's evidence my body is an efficient machine capable of cooling me down even through the most torturous of Arizona summers. But, let's be honest here: it's gross and embarassing. And I'm totally one of those people who, when nervous or uncomfortable, turn into a sweat machine. It's gross and kind of 'dude' like, and I'm over it.

I have tried lots of different kinds of deodorant/antiperspirant options, and even though I may smell like a Day Lily or Powder Fresh or what have you, I still get pit rings on my shirt.

So, I caved. I bought some Secret Clinical Strength. And today I put it to the test. Under my left pit, I used the SCS. Under my right pit, I used the deodorant/antiperspirant I always use (to remain unnamed in this post). And then we went to an outdoor mall nearby and walked for a little over an hour.

I am pleased to repoort, the pit I used the SCS on had no sweat ring even though the one I used my regular stuff on did. So I guess this stuff works. Now, before I get TOO excited, I do know of a little condition my friend likes to call RPS (Right Pit Syndrome) wherein one pit is inherently more sweaty than the other. Just to rule that out as a reason for the one-sided ringing of the shirt, I will be showering shortly, and reapplying the deodorants on the opposite pits. ALL in the name of science, people. Stay tuned.....

....or, just keep sending some labor-dust my way so you can escape the hell of having to read something as boring and gross as this again.

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Tabitha said...

LMAO Katie!!!

That stuff "soaks in" per se... you may need to wait a few days to redo your experiment... but I LOVE SCS. After using it for a year, I switched back to my old (and much cheaper) Degree for women and have no problems!



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