Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The things that are now a part of my daily life, thanks to pregnancy:

Tums (smoothies are the BEST invention ever!):

Evening Primrose Oil (morning, lunch, bedtime):

Raspberry Leaf Tea (you're 'supposed' to drink this 3 times a day, but I plan to do two bags at night):


Honey Nut Cheerios (which replaced the less healthy addiction I had to Lucky Charms, thank goodness!):

Yoga Pants:

Baby Carrots (beta carotene, people!):

And the things that are part of my daily life, courtesy of the whirlwind we call Luca:



"Pretties" (barette):

"Turn on monkeys" (It's a Big, Big World!):

"OH! Elmo!":

"More Raisins!" (It's always 'more' raisins, even if she hasn't had any yet that day):

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Colleen Broach said...

That is so cute!!!


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