Friday, March 13, 2009

Due Date #1 is here (and almost gone)

Today was my original due date, according to my calculations. Of course, my MW has me as due on the 15th, so I'm looking at this as more of a Due Weekend. Which is good, since today has almost passed already and so far no sign of baby. I feel more uncomfortable. I feel more twinges and pains and braxton hicks contractions. But there is nothing leading me to believe baby is going to make it here in the next hour.

It's bizarre to go through a whole day knowing you're supposed to be having a baby. Several people asked me today when I am due, and I said, "Today...tomorrow...soon!" I don't quite know how to answer. I'm afraid if I start thinking of TODAY as my DUE DATE, I'll wake up super bummed to be OVERDUE tomorrow, if that makes any sense.

Today is my Mom's birthday, which is one reason I am sad Andre didn't choose to arrive, Friday the 13th be damned. We took her out to dinner, and then I caved and we walked over to Target to buy some chocolate ice cream, for the "Chocolate Ice Cream Induction". Two bowls and two hours later and...still nothing to speak of. So we continue to wait.

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