Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday 13.

I'm not sure who started this, but my friend Jennifer told me about it. Every Thursday you do a 13 point list about something, and this week I'm stealing hers and making it mine. So here's my Thursday 13.

Thirteen Crushes I've Had, From Birth to Present:

1. Ray Saenz in 4th grade. He was just so stinking cute, and I
thought he was digging on me too, especially once my mom cut me some
rockin' bangs which I would curl in rows and spray with my Aquanet.
And then, he bent over to get a drink from the drinking fountain and
I kicked him in the balls. Crush over.

2. Elvis. WAAAAAAY before my time, but hot none-the-less.

3. Dylan McKay, aka Luke Perry in 90210. He was a bad boy, but had a
sensitive side. And he had sideburns that went on for days!

4. Nathan in middle school. His dad was a lawyer on the back of the
Yellow Pages and he had the best curly hair. We dated for about 2
weeks, and then Operation Desert Storm broke us up. I was adamantly
opposed (as much as an 11 year old can oppose a war), and he was all
for it. It was painfully clear we had to go our separate ways. I
imagine he is working somewhere in the Bush Whitehouse now.

5. L.L. Cool J. That body. Those lips. He was the source of many a
white-girl goes with black-guy fantasy when I was in middle school.
And he's STILL dead sexy.

6. Brad Pitt. Before he was ****BRAD PITT****. I had a picture of him
thumbtacked to my wall by my bed. He was dreamy back before he was a

7. Stephen Dorff. He's a loser with no career now. Whatever. He was
sexy and broody and slightly naughty back then. I used to dream of
being an actress and him being my leading man and falling in love
with me. Le sigh.

8. Wade. He was friends with my brothers. He was older. He was tall.
He knew how to do skateboarding tricks. He drove an old blue Kharman
Ghia. He called me 'Katebetty' or 'Wednesday'. He smelled like
cigarettes, motor oil, and Irish Spring. And he hooked up with my 2
best friends before marrying a third. Luckily, I was over him after
he hooked up with friend 2, so setting him up with his wife was
actually my idea. Still....that was one of those BIG crushes you'll
always remember.

9. Lennox Lewis. Not 'The Apprentice' Lennox....the Heavyweight Champ
Lennox. The body, the power, the dreads, the accent. He made ME

10 and 11. The Klitchko brothers. Eastern European. Gorgeous. And
well educated. They each have a Master's degree and speak multiple
languages. Boxing's finest imports.

12. Gavin Rossdale. Before he became Gwen's bitch, you know
you thought he was sexy too. Same for Guy Richie pre-Madonna's bitch.

13. My husband. Whatever, it's cheesy and I'm lame. But he can't be
beat. Best. Crush. EVER.

Who are your 13 Crushes? Post them on your blog and let me know, and I'll put a link to you!

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Lisa said...

love the list...I may have to steal the idea!

My list is up...welcome to Thursday Thirteen

Random Dreamer said...

LL Cool J was hot and the way he licked his lips....yum

Anne said...

You can peek into my medicine cabinet on my list.

Nicholas said...

Nice list. Welcome to TT.

Ashley Ladd said...

I just watched an Elvis movie this evening. He was sooooo cute. Brad Pitt isn't too bad himself.

Lindsey J said...

1. I'm doing it.
2. I want my swimsuit picture back. I changed my mind - give it back BITCH!!!


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