Friday, March 7, 2008

10 Months Old.

I have a 10 month old. I have a 10 month old.

The scary thing about this is, I almost have a 1 year old. Holy hell.

Anyhow, this last month has been a flurry of activity and milestones for Luca. First, she finally figured out how to get herself sitting upright. For the longest time, she didn't seem to understand how to get from lying down to sitting.

Once she had that down, she quickly progressed to pulling herself up with ease. She has always loved standing and been pretty strong, but until she could sit up on her own she wasn't very good at pulling herself up. How quickly that changed: she has officially ordained us both as human jungle gyms.

She also learned how to climb up the steps. read that right...UP the STEPS. We're so screwed. It's actually pretty adorable, though, because what she does is plays a game with herself. She'll take her bop (pacifier for those unfamiliar with Luca-language) or a toy over to the bottom of the staircase. The she pulls to standing, using the bottom step for leverage. From there, she reaches up and places or tosses the bop or toy onto the second step. Then, she climbs onto the first step, reaching for the toy. Once she has it in her hand, she puts it on the next step and goes up again. I'm quite convinced she'd keep this up for more than 3 steps, but I'm too freaked at the thought of her tumbling down 5 or 6 steps to let her try. Fortunately, she is a genius and has also learned how to back herself down to the floor. Sometimes, she gets back to the first step, lies on her tummy, and slides off the step. She has also taken to climbing through the rungs of the barstools in the dining room and trying to get onto the couch to see the 'Dod' (dogs). (photos or video of the stair-climbing to come soon)

She's also extremely obsessed with 'sharing'. That typically means she tries to hand us food or her pacifier. And it typically means she wants us to put these things in OUR mouth. Yum.

The other things Luca has started to do: clap, wave, and screech. I just got back from a work trip to D.C., and I had a layover in Chicago for a night. Lucky me, my good friend Mere lives there, so I got the chance to hang out with her for the night. In keeping with my tradition for traveling without Darrick, I stopped in a gift shop in Midway and got him a shot glass (funny side note: I always get him shot glasses, and they rarely, if ever, get used). I also picked up a gift for Lu. They were selling those stuffed monkeys which have velcro on their hands and feet so you can attach them to something. I got her a yellow one wearing an "I <3 Chicago" t-shirt. forward to when I get home. I give it to her, and she loves it. She chews on it's face and flings it around (add throwing things just so mommy has to pick them up to the list of new milestones reached) and snuggles it up. So there I am playing with her and the stuffed monkey, and I touch it and it begins to SCREAM! It's clearly intended to be a monkey sound, but instead it sounds more like someone's being attacked by the monkey. Despite my unease at the monkey holler, however, Luca LOVES it. The monkey screams 3 times in a row, and whenever you press his belly to set him off, Luca screeches right along. Baby Genius, I tell ya. I also got her this t-shirt, which I know some of you will appreciate very much:

We did some fun activities this month, including going to the Rennaisance Festival and the Phoenix Zoo. The weather is SO amazing here right now (I know, I know...all your cold-weather people will be rubbing it in my face come June)!

The other big news in Luca's world is the breakthrough of her first tooth. It happened when I was in D.C., but this is one milestone I'm not that sad about missing (sorry, D). It is the CUTEST little snaggle, right up front, and she's doing really well with it. I am a little sad, though, because I know this means the Gummy Smile is officially a thing of the past. I loved that Gummy Smile, and wanted to say goodbye to it with a photo montage of sorts:

And, of course, her love for our other 'kids' remains strong. And they remain naughty.

FYI, if you ever wonder how I can tell when my dogs did something naughty, it's because they look like this when I come home:

Here are other random pictures from the past month:


Dear Diary... said...

Time to gate those steps, how scary!!!
I loooove that pic of your "other babies"!!!!

cupcake monkey said...

I love that girl!!! Love her!!

Mere said...

I should send my mother to your home immediately. It is her greatest accomplishment and joy in life to teach children like yours to go down the steps in a safe manner. Yes...if my mother sees a baby crawl up steps she gets down there and trains them to go down on their tummies. She demonstrates and demonstrates until the child does it. She is actually very good at it and hs children trained in about 5 minutes. I believe her obsession with stairs comes from the fact she dropped me down some at 2 days old. But hey...I survived.

Mere said...

I didn't read the entire post...your baby already figured it out. Genius baby it is.


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