Thursday, March 6, 2008

German Tourist and "Hi, Baby!"

This is a video we took at the park today. It was only Luca's 2nd time in the baby swing, and she's totally too small for it still. I decided to tape this on my digital camera (which accounts for the horrible quality and the clicking). Please enjoy the German Tourist (a.k.a. Darrick) and the "Hi, Baby!" girl (a.k.a. me):

Update: I am computer illiterate and cannot get the video to post. So, instead, I encourage you to close your eyes (after reading this) and envision this scene:

Darrick stands behind the swing, dressed in a green polo shirt, gray cut-off sweat shorts that reach his knees (Don't be jealous...ladies...he DOES have brothers!), white tube socks, and black work shoes. He pushes Luca while I obnoxiously say to her, "Hey Baby!" damn near every time the swing comes toward me. Flash to Luca's face, as she holds on for dear life and looks mildly annoyed at us.

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Anonymous said...

:( I can't get the video to work! I just see a red X where it should be.


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