Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday 13, Week 2

My Thursday 13 for this week is inspired by my poll about Presidential candidates. Here we go:

13 Questions I've Asked Myself Recently

1. Who visits my blog, and how well do I know them? This question was inspired by the fact that MORE respondents to my poll chose McCain than any other candidate. This flies in the face of logic, which would tell me that most of my blog readers would be flaming liberals like myself.

2. How could I forget to wear sunscreen? I am a self-professed sun freak. Being fair skinned with freckles and an Arizona native, I have learned that sunscreen is my best friend. Better yet, sun BLOCK, which provides better protection if my memory of that one article I read in Allure while waiting at the Dr. 5 years ago serves me right. So WHY of WHY did I forget sunscreen on the very day I had a 4 hour outdoor event for work? And WHY did they not provide shade between the prime sunshine hours of 10 am and 2 pm?

3. Why is it that some people can eat whatever and be skinny, and I am not one of them?

4. Wouldn't it be cool if someone would invent a self-cleaning toilet? I mean, really...I could do without cleaning a toilet ever again. Couldn't you?

5. What's Luca going to look like when she gets older? Part of me hopes she stays long, lean, blonde, and adorable. And another part of me is terrified she will. Is is weird that I'm worried about boys already?!?!?!

6. How many jelly beans can I get away with eating before they make me gain weight? I think I heard one pound = about 24,000 calories? So it seems reasonable that if I eat a handful of the little devils a day I should be ok....?

7. How much shit talking REALLY goes on in this world? I was just realizing the other day that shit talking is like a way of life for some people. It seems that negativity and nastiness are like a hobby. Very odd. I'm not innocent. Oh no, indeed I also shit talk. But I try to keep it to a minimum because I know how it feels to be the one being talked about, and it SUCKS. But sometimes I wonder just WHO is talking about me and WHAT is being said.

8. Should I become an organ donor? This is out of left field, sure. But from time to time I start to think about it. I am currently not one, which seems odd because I am the type of person who most would expect to be a donor. But something about it doesn't sit right with me. I think I have been scared by those stories you hear of Drs removing someone from machines to use their organs when really the person may have been able to recover. Does this really happen? Or am I as dumb as the people who believed the whole 'weapons of mass destruction and Al-Qaida is tied with Saddam' crap?

9. How can people not believe in evolution? We all had tails and gills in the womb...and we BREATHED WATER. Hello? People? Wake up.

10. Am I ready for another one? I've been thinking a lot about baby #2, and Darrick and I have started to talk about when we want to start *ahem* working on that. He's ready whenever, but I want to lose some weight first. But are we REALLY ready? Now that Luca's sleeping a good 10 hours a night and eating solids and starting to wean, we're considering jumping back into the game? Yes. I believe we are.

11. Why can't the window to my office open? It's sunny, the sky is blue, orange blossoms and palo verde are in bloom, and it's 80 degrees out. I think it should be illegal to have to work in an office on a day like today.

12. Why can't dogs live forever? It seems to unfair that such wonderful critters have such a short time to be on this earth. Perhaps I will make Miss Piggy live forever by having her stuffed when she dies?

13. How did I get so lucky? A cute husband, a precious baby, a good job, a wonderful family....I don't know what I did to deserve this, but DAMN! I love it.

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Anonymous said...

I understand why you believe in evolution, but I just don't.. no one has been able to explain to me where that very first particle evolved from. That first - whatever it was - that turned into an exploding ball of gas and on from there. Where did that come from? When I get that answer me (and the rest of the non-evolution believing) world will have a lot to think about! ;)

Kat said...

Great post. I often wonder who the people are that come to my blog, but don't post. How did they end up there?

Mere said...

I can't believe you are not an organ donor. I think the whole taking of actual organs is really complicated. It has to be certain circumstances and only a certain amount of time, etc.

You should be one. Stop being a fool.

Anne said...

I'm with you on number 8. Everything tells me to do it, and then that little voice tells me they won't try as hard to save me if I am. Expecially if someone rich, famous, a politician's kid, blah, blah, etc. is in need of something and I happen to match. I know it's illogical. But still.

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

I often wonder who is reading my blog, too! Especially since there are SO MANY that don't comment! :) Interesting thoughts - I'm completely with you on the sunscreen/block!


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