Sunday, March 30, 2008

Things on my mind.

First, Mere, I hope you are happy. I changed my colors just to please you. See the power you have over me? See?!?!

It's Sunday, my kid is napping (since I typed that out, it's almost a guarantee she will be awake within 4 minutes), and the sun is shining. We had a super busy day yesterday. We were up early and grocery shopping before 8 a.m. I love grocery shopping early on a weekend morning. The best thing about it is that it's typically the parents with little babies, the senior citizens, and the random dude in cycling gear who's stopping in for a Power Bar and a water. I love having the aisles to myself and seeing the stacks of fruits and veggies neatly laid out. On our way out of the store, we saw 3 giant stuffed dogs up by the front of the store. I was carrying Luca, who also saw the dogs and decided that it would be a good time to kick me in the hipbones (oh, who am I kidding? she kicked the fat covering where I can only assume my hipbones are), point, and yell out "DOHG!".

Once we got home, Kristin brought her little girl, Melody, over so we could babysit. Monday is Kristin's birthday (24, version 7.0) so she and her sister had plans to go get mani/pedis and have lunch. K's hubby was at work, so we agreed to watch Melody, who is 3 months older than Luca. The first thing Melody did when they got here was play ball with Luca. They sat facing each other on the floor, and Luca had a big bouncy ball which she pushed toward Melody, and Melody pushed it back. Those girls are bound for Mensa.

Anyhow, as soon as Kristin left, Melody decided she wasn't that into us after all. I ran upstairs to change into some comfy clothes, and Darrick tried his hardest (put on bunny ears, sing a song, wiggle a little, take off bunny ears, show her screaming monkey toy) to amuse her, and still she sat stoic and wouldn't even crack a smile. I jumped in to try to warm her up and she wouldn't crack for me either. Luca even tried to join in by pulling on Melody's shirt and handing her toys. It even got to a point where we started putting stuffed animals on our heads and Melody's (putting a toy of any variety on your head is a sure-fire way to get a laugh from Luca), but no luck. The stuffed bear on her head only succeeded in giving Luca a reason to crawl up Melody's shoulder.

Luca soon decided to take a nap, so I got Melody situated in the stroller to go for a walk. We were out for almost an hour, during which time she was completely silent. This is so foreign to me, because if you put my kid in a stroller, you are guaranteed to hear some noise from her. Generally she's not a huge fan of long walks because she's always got to be doing something and sitting for so long doesn't excite her. Even if she is happy about the walk, she will babble and hum to herself almost the whole time. The silent baby routine was so not something I was used to.

Melody and I got back from our walk and both Darrick and Luca were snoozing. I took her out of the stroller and put her on the floor with a bucket o' fun (plastic pink easter bucket filled with plastic eggs and books). That FINALLY won her over, and she started crawling around and playing like a crazy, happy baby. We had a blast playing together, and when Kristin called to tell me she was on her way to pick Melody up, I was actually kinda sad. Right when Kristin got here, Luca woke from her nap and the two of them played together some. It was so cute to see them being little buddies. Sometimes I look at them and wonder if they will be friends when they get older. It's strange to imagine them in each others' weddings and their kids being friends. I hope it cool would that be?!?!

Babysitting did give me comfort, though, because I sometimes wonder about Luca's gassiness and poop habits. Yeah, it's gross - whatever. Since she was a baby, she's had Man Farts. People don't believe such giant toots can come from such a small feminine looking baby. But, they can and BOY how they do! Her nanny has 2 grandsons, and I remember her telling me when Luca was about 3 months old that one of the boys heard Luca farting up a storm and was cracking up. I do believe he started the 'man fart' jokes by telling Lu's nanny that she farted like a man.

Anyhow, her other somewhat disturbing quirk involves her poop habits. The poor kid cannot, for the life of her, poop without everyone within a 20-foot radius knowing that's what is going on. First off, she grunts. Loud. Second, her whole face turns red, with the little rims of her eyes turning reddest (most red?), and she kind of quivers a bit. Third, she locks eyes with whoever is closest to her. Yes, kid likes to make eye contact when pooping. It's almost as though she's saying, "I know you see me pooping. You best get that diaper and a few wipes ready, because I have NO intention of sitting around in this mess."

So, anyhow, I was slightly comforted to realize that, eye-locking gaze nonwithstanding, Melody has the same little habits when it comes to dropping the deuce. I guess, if nothing else, I can at least take comfort in knowing that. And, other moms have told me that when their kiddos started walking, they would actually hide behind furniture to carry out their diaper-dirtying business. Is it wrong that I look forward to those days?

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