Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kitchen Art.

In the 4 years (nearly) we've lived here, our kitchen has suffered the fate of small kitchens everywhere: used a lot, loved very little. And while I have big dreams of knocking out a wall, rearranging the layout, adding a half bath and laudry room on the far side, and putting in an island (not to mention new counters!), it's not happening anytime soon. But that doesn't mean my kitchen deserves to live a life void of decoration tenderness, right?

It started here, with the paint job and flooring demo. Another big step we took was leaving things off the top of the cupboards. My husband in particular has a tendency to shove things way up there because it's quick and convenient, but it looks horrible. For now, all we have up there is a brightly colored bird we bought in Mexico on our honeymoon, a white wrought iron decorative piece, and an antique juicer machine.

Thanks for my wonderful and talented friend Adrian, however, we had some artwork to add now as well.  As soon as I saw these pictures of my kids, I knew I wanted them somewhere in the kitchen or dining room. My initial plan was to put them on the wall where our table usually is, but for now it's all been rearranged to accomodate an obscenely large Christmas tree. So instead, I hung them (high, so the kids can't reach them) on the pony wall in our kitchen. Between them I hung a sterling silver serving piece that was part of our cake cutting and service set from our wedding. These pictures aren't the best since it's overcast today, but behold, kitchen art:

I am super indecisive and like to redecorate frequently, so I initially put these up with thumbtacks, but as soon as we're sure that it's all going to stay where it is, we'll do an official hammer & nail & level hanging job. I am pretty sure I love it, though! It adds some character and cuteness to the room for sure!

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