Monday, August 30, 2010


In the past few weeks, Rohan's vocabulary has really increased. I'm not sure what it is, but it must just be a developmental phase. I remember this happening with Luca right around 15 months, and I knew that most boys were a little further behind girls in language, so I was just sort of sitting back waiting for it to happen.

And now, here we are. Rohan's a big boy, which for anyone who knows him in person comes across as a sort of understatement. Like calling Arizona's summers 'hot'. So it makes it even more adorable that his voice is little and sort of squeaky, whether happy or defiant. In just the past few weeks, he's started to say:

-Please (Pease or tead)
-Thank you (tan dooooo)
- On
- Off
- Boom (for when he falls down)
- Ruby (our dog's name)
- Gaga (for grandma and/or grandpa)
- Laura (daycare provider)
- Yuca (for Luca)
- Kiss (tiss)
- Book
- Sit
- Bop-bop (for his Boppy, or pacifier)
- Go

He has been saying things like, "All done." and "Ine down (I want down)." and "Go Ruby!" (which he hears about 34 times a day as we're constantly shooing her from underfoot) for quite a while now, but the newest addition to his repretoire is a three-word sentence: "Read a book?" And let me tell you this: not much makes this mama swoon more than those early sentences, especially when one of those sentences gives me a little hope that maybe, just maybe, he will grow up to be more dork than jock.

Ok, fine. I have no real qualms with jocks, other than the fact I fear they end up dating vapid girls with small pores and fake tans and that is where this mama's head starts to feel a little like it's on crooked. You see, much like we half-kid about enrolling Luca in a convent and feeding her vats of bacon grease in the hopes it'll keep gross teen boys away in about 10 more years, I'd also like to make Rohan into more nerd and less jock to keep those hussy teen girls away in about 12 years. So if books be his true love for now, you can bet the farm I'm going to encourage him down that route. Because everyone knows that nerdy boys don't date tramps and harlots, right?*


*No actual pig fat is going to be used in our attempts to keep Luca wholesome. It may be too late, anyhow, seeing as how her new best friend at school is named Maddox and is the son of the school's Vice Principal. Shoot for the top, Luca-bear!!

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