Sunday, August 22, 2010


Next weekend, my husband is competing in a wing-eating championship. If you read my blog regularly, you may remember that he won the local wing contest on a total whim several months back, which qualified him for the finals in August. Well, that finale is next Saturday, so we've been prepping him for a few weeks now.

At first, 'prepping' meant he ate a lot of dinner and drank a half gallon of water in the morning and another half with dinner. But then, we did a practice run at Chompie's with their slider challenge and he was less than impressed with his results. He started his half hour with 12 sliders and a pile of onion strings. He called it quits 18 minutes into it with 4.5 sliders and most of the strings left. Not too shabby, right? But is it enough to be able to win the wing contest next weekend? He wasn't convinced.

Which was when he decided to suggest the unthinkable to me: cabbage. Yes, it seems in the ametuer eating contest arena, eating a head of boiled cabbage a day is well-recognized as a low-calorie way to get your stomach used to being stretched with a large quantity of food.

Being the awesome and perfect wife I am (ha ha ha) I went to the store the next day and bought him 3 heads of cabbage. And boiled them. Because, remember when I said I am awesome? I am also apparently stupid enough to ignore what I know was going to happen as a result of all that cabbage.

In summary, here's how you know I love my husband even when I might be inclined to tease him or complain about his socks on the floor or even ask him in my very-own semi-annoyed/semi-teasing way if he has somewhere he needs to go so I can have the house to myself for a bit: I boiled him a head of cabbage in order to assist his quest for wing greatness.

Post-Script: It smelled worse 12 hours later. Believe me.
Post-Script Two: I can also admit that I am spurred to Wifely Greatness just a bit by the prizes up for grabs.


Crystal said...

Would it make you feel better to know we have the same bra? The peachy one with black polka-dots. BFF sign, right?

Muffin Cake said...

Crystal Belle, you were not supposed to give away my secret! I was hoping people would assume that was a super cute tank top strap!!!

Crystal said...

Oh schnap, sorry!


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