Monday, August 25, 2008

This is more for my own memory-keeping than anything else.

I need to remember these things, since my blog is easier to access than Luca's baby book.

Luca started walking and crawling backwards just 2 days ago. I know a lot of kids crawl backwards before they go forwards (gravity of a big diapered baby chubby bum, I suppose), but not our sprout. No, she went from army crawl to monster crawl, and never moon-crawled. she does. And she also walks backward, which is super cuteness in a pink t-shirt and shorts. I'm not SURE that's baby book worthy, but something tells me it's some sort of minute milestone I should write down just in case.

Also...add these to the words in her rapidly expanding vocabulary. Some of these she was probably saying at 15 months, but I forgot them. Others she's picked up in the last 3 weeks. It's been languagepalooza over here!
- Nice (Niyyy)
- No
- Yeah
- Pretty
- Um
- Melon (melaaaah)
- Naughty (Nau-e)
- More (Mah)
- Night (Ni)
- Eyes
- Eat
- Nose
- Mouth (Mou)
- Sit (to the dogs)

My mom told me that, from 12 -24 months, they should know at least as many words as they are months old. I think we can check that box off on the 'Developmental Pop Quiz'.

And, on a fun note, our good friends Troy and Jessica were in town from Vegas, and we convinced them to bring their kids , Lydia (2.5 years) and Jonah (4 months) over to hang with Luca. Lydia is QUITE the ham. She acted like a demure little girl until we brought Luca down from her nap, and then she showed her really fun and giggly side. SO cute! And Jonah is the SWEETEST butterball baby I've seen in a LONG time. He was so good too! Of course we LOVED seeing Jess and Troy as well...Jess looks like her normal gorgeous and enviously skinny self only 4 months post baby, and Troy is really close to finishing Med School. We love you guys!!!

For comparison, these were taken almost a year to the day before, on 8/23/07:

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Colleen-Huntsville AL said...

OMG Katie. I almost didn't recognize LUCA, she has changed so much. What a beautiful little thing. OOH and Daddy will have his hands full with her!!!


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