Saturday, January 23, 2010


This morning I was making pancakes in our kitchen, with Luca standing on her little chair next to me, watching as I used a little bit of butter to grease the frying pan.

I looked away for a second to put a pancake on a plate, and when I turned back, I saw Luca's hand by her mouth, her tongue sticking out. It took me a second to realize she'd picked up the nub of butter and was licking it.

"Luca, that's gross honey. You need to put that down."

"No, mama. I like it."
"Sweetie," taking the butter out of her hand, "we don't eat butter like that. We use it for cooking and baking."
"NO! No Mama!"
"Mama...," breaking into full-bodied sobs, "I want it! I want the butter!!!"
"Luca, you don't want that. That's gross."

Seriously, sometimes I can't believe these things actually happen.

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Foxxy One said...

I'm dying here. Just yesterday,we were out to breakfast and Dylan picked up the cup with the butter in it, stuck his tongue in it and scooped out about a tablespoon of butter. We were dying but that boy loves his butter. Thankfully he's skinny as a rail but still. Not good.


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