Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daily Photo and That 'Other' Thing.

First, I'm a few days behind on this, but here are a few of the daily photos I've taken so far. I'm guessing that these will favor the kids, ocassionally star me, and very rarely include Darrick. Not because I don't want to photograph Darrick...but because he's such a guy that it's near impossible to get a picture of him without a middle finger on prominent display or the head up, thick-necked look typically favored for mug shots. And as far as I know he's never had a mug shot taken, though I can't be 100% about that.

I digress.

So, without further adieu, the pictures:

January 1, 2010: Sharing 2010's first sun and 2009's last blue moon with Rohan.

January 2, 2010: Mugging with Luca. We had a battle of the wills to get this picture as she wanted me to snap it next to the kitchen trash can? I don't know either.

January 3, 2010: Luca and Rohan, separately. This is SO them. He was throwing a bit of a tantrum and immediately replaced tears with this sweet face and a hand planted firmly in the mouth when I pulled out the camera. And Luca is being coy.

More pictures will be posted soon, since I have to catch up with posting, but these were what I had handy.

As for That Other Thing, I want to talk a little more about it.

The deal is this: I failed big time on the 20 in 20 challenge my friends and I were trying to do leading up to Christmas. But now that I'm not a nursing mom any longer (that's another post for another day...still not ready to share all that) I have no excuse for avoiding the fact that I need to lose weight. Not want to. Need to. I mean, of course I want to be lighter, and I'd be a lying liar if I said it wasn't partially vanity spurring this on. Ok...mostly...like 75% vanity? At least I'm doing it for ME, though, and not for someone else. Or some such nonsense.

The fact is this: I am uncomfortable in my skin. Because my skin is...copious. I have the big ugly flop of skin on my lower belly and love handles and back fat. BACK FAT, people. I am NOT ok with that.

And...see that picture of Luca and me above? My face is FAT. I am now all cheeks and flesh and dough and puff. And not in a good way. Because I am not THAT GIRL who thinks I need to be a rail. Oh contraire. I think women should be a bit of flesh and va-va-voom. Hips. Breasts. Some meat to the thighs and a little rounded belly can a sexy woman make. But what I've got isn't a little meat on my bones; I've got the whole goddamned Thanksgiving feast, including dessert and apertif*. So I need, for myself and those forced to witness me in the 3 pairs of pants and unattractive few shirts that fit me, to lose this weight.

So I'm doing another '20 in 20' with some friends, only I'm altering it. Because my BMI is high enough that I almost slapped my computer for its rudeness when it reported it back to me. So I'm shooting for 20 pounds by Rohan's birthday which is March 16th, and week 1 for me ended on Monday with a 1 pound loss. In my defense, I had strep, NYE, and our 6 year wedding anniversary over the 4 day weekend. In my office chair's defense though...it's way past time I lessened the spread of my thighs when I sit down. After I hit that, I'd like to lose 10 more by Luca's birthday, which is May 7th. That will leave me above my FINAL goal, but well on my way to feeling good about myself again.

And then: Watch out World! I may just get my unibrow waxed and take on the town. Or, you know, stay out past my kids' bedtime.

*after dinner drink, thanks be to Sarah

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