Sunday, November 15, 2009

Close Call.

Friday night, my friend wanted me to go to the Kohl's after-hours sale with her, so I put Romo to bed and Luca asked to sleep in our bed. Darrick decided to lie down with her and ended up falling asleep when she did, in our bed. My friend picked me up and I went out the front door, locking just the baby gate and the screen door.

I get home about 10:30, and when I get to the front door, the screen/security door is closed but NOT LOCKED, but the inner door is wide open. I feel my heart start to hammer in my chest. Is someone in my house?? But I open the door and the dogs are there, wagging their tails. Surely that means no one broke in? I look around and notice some shoes strewn around, a folding step stool tipped over, and Luca's potty on the floor (usually it's in hiding once she's in bed). I check to make sure no one's in the house and make sure the kids are accounted for, and all is clear.

A little later, I go to get in bed, and discover Luca peed on our sheets. I wake H and ask why he didn't put her in a diaper overnight, and he says he did.

"I had to go poo poo," she tells me.

And then it clicks. She went down by herself, went potty, played with some toys, and opened the front door. And my heart just stopped. If I hadn't locked that baby gate, what could have happened? And what if she'd discovered she could climb over it?!?!

I guess it just goes to show that you can never be too careful with a toddler in the house. AND it's time for some more serious baby-proofing of the front door!


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