Saturday, November 7, 2009

This Whole Time I Thought Someone In England Loved Me.

And then I saw a comment in my inbox today:

*Note: I deleted this comment because after I posted this the spam traffic to my comments increased a LOT. Let's just say it was an offer for a medication for men starting with V.*

DO I have real readers in England? A real reader in England? Or has my pitiful little ego been fed false dreams this whole time by the no prescription uk alternative V that has apparently been following my blog?

Either way...

I didn't keep up with my 30 in 30 promise mostly because I fell asleep on the recliner last night rocking Rohan to sleep. I finally dragged myself up the stairs like a drunken old woman at 9:45, deposited Rohan in his crib, and stumbled into bed. Without even brushing my teeth.

OH, Friday nights! How exciting are thee now that I am mom to 2?

The funny part was that I awoke some time later to my husband, standing over me silhoutted in the bathroom light, saying something I couldn't quite wrap my sleep-fogged mind around. He mumbles, too, so it's not ALL my fault. Finally, I realized he was asking me to move Miss Piggy, whose butt was planted firmly atop his pillow. I can't be certain whether or not she responded to my half-asleep plea to "Get your butthole off the pillows!" or not.


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