Saturday, November 21, 2009

Terrible Twos.

Oh so THESE are the terrible twos?!?! In the last week in our house we've lived through:

Me: "I love you, Luca."
Luca: "Well I don't love YOU."


"No, Mama. Don't follow me upstairs!"


"No hugs. I don't want HUGS!"


(We have Luca sit on the stairs to calm down when she's having a tough time or being kind of naughty. This happened after she tried to hit my leg because I asked her to put on her shoes. I put her on the steps and told her why, then returned a few minutes later.)

Me: "Do you know why I had you sit here?"
Luca: "I don't know."
Me: "What did you do to Mommy?"
Luca: "I don't know."
Me: "You DO know, Luca. Why did Mommy tell you to sit here?"
Luca: "Because I hit Mommy."
Me: "Why did you hit Mommy?"
Luca: "Because, Mama. I just DID."


Tonight, her mononlogue after she spent 10 minutes trying to avoid going to bed, and I was attempting to tuck her in:

"Go away Mama. GO AWAY! I don't wanna go ta bed! I want Dada. Dada can sing me songs. I don't WANNA give kisses. I don't NEED kisses!!!! No, Mama. GO AWAY."


And then there are the attempts to hit and kick, the crying when told no, the throwing of toys just because.


T minus 6 months until she's 3.


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