Tuesday, November 3, 2009


November is National Blog Posting Month (or some such variation of that official title), where bloggers are supposed to do 30 posts in 30 days.

This is supposed to mean 1 post per day for 30 days, no doubt. But I am cheating and taking on the challenge but just doing 30 posts overall, since I just found out about this today, the 3rd of November.

Here are some pictures of the little sprouts on Halloween. My mom offered to make Luca's costume this year, and so I asked her what she wanted to be. "A rainbow!" she answered. Alas, here it is:

A yelling rainbow at that.

THIS smile will ensure she gets everything she wants from every male relative in her world for the rest of childhood (at a minimum). And I DO realize the outfit is reminiscent of a gay pride flag. Did my mom, who's 66, realize that? It's unlikely. Furthermore, I figured worst case scenario people would think we supported gay rights or something, which we DO, so...eh. I was ok with it.

My husband and the dad (Matt) of Luca's buddy who we trick or treated with pulled the toddler girls around in a wagon while the moms hung back a little pushing the babies in the strollers and gossiping. About 2 streets into it, Darrick suddenly decided that he and Matt probably looked like the gay couple taking the kids out for the night, and suggested one of the moms might want to start accompanying them to the door. We got a good laugh out of it, and Darrick suggested a 2 year old dressed as a pride flag may be the scariest costume some of the conservatives in the neighborhood would see all night.

I digress.

Rohan, in all his chubby cuteness, was a tiger. Man, I could just nibble those cheeks all day:

The two of them together really hammed it up for the camera:


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