Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another appointment and more pictures.

I do realize I've become sort of single-note lately in my postings, but my Luca and the belly baby are pretty much all I have time to concentrate on anyhow. So bear with me, and I promise to be normal and less baby-obsessed eventually. Maybe. Probably not.

First, I had an appointment last weekend, and all's well. Baby is growing fine and 'probably' head down. My belly didn't grow (it measured 32-33 last time, and 33 cm this time), which is just fine. Probably means baby was going through a growth spurt last time I went in. We talked a little about labor plans, whether or not to circumcize if Andre is a boy, and the random 'tired legs' I've been having lately. My next appointment is in 2 weeks, and THAT is when I'll get the birth kit (thought it was going to be this time, but I was wrong). I can't believe how quickly the end of this pregnancy is approaching!

Now, on to cuter things. Luca's been a blast lately, really getting into things like coloring and playing with her Legos. We've been pulling out her little table to color and try crafts, and I snapped some pictures of her latest attempts at art. I also snapped a few shots of her trying to eat her strong cheese through the plastic (she loves her cheese!) and 'talking to Gramma' on the phone. TOO cute, this kid! Below are LOTS of pictures, mainly because I was having fun photographing my little ham and playing with the camera settings.


Lindsey J said...

Emma says "I love luca" just about every day! We have your family pic on our fridge and she loves it. The other day she said -
"I love that baby"
"Yeah, she's cute, huh"
"Yeah, and I love that mommy" haaha!

Colleen Broach said...

OH my gosh, Katie, she looks so much like you!!!
Oh and now I want a new camera, yours is taking such great photos!!! totally Jealous. Maybe next Christmas I can talk Santa into bringing me a new "fancy" one!

Will says Hi.


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