Sunday, February 1, 2009

Please name my baby?

We are lost when it comes to names. We have a short list I won't be sharing on here because I am a brat like that. BUT we haven't found what I consider to be THE name yet. We're open to suggestions, under the following (obnoxiously specific) set of parameters:

1. No top 10 names on the Social Security List. In fact, preferably not even anything in the top 100.

2. No K or hard C names (don't work with our last name).

3. Must sound ok next to Luca.

By the way, we've already nixed the suggestion of just using the gender-neutral 'Baby' as the name. Dirty Dancing gave that a decidedly 'girl' feeling for me. ;)



Crystal said...

Um, I think Katie Kahle is an adorable name. Which is a K first name + your last name. Not asking you to reconsider that rule, just saying.

I'll think about this baby name situation and let you know what I decide.

Colleen Broach said...

Ok, so after some thinking... here are my suggestions

Liam Ramsey Kahle
or Liam Rowen Kahle
Ian is another boy name I love!!

Sawyer Nicole Kahle
Sarah Madeline Kahle
I would have suggested Colleen, but of course you had to go and put a ban on that. ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I haven't checked the top 100 list -so apologies if I have some of them here.


Lily or Lilia

....... and one last suggestion for shits and giggles.....Pat wants me to consider Bristol for a girl. Ring any bells........ Bristol Palin? We're not going to be using it so feel free :)

Good luck!


Lindsey J said...

Bristol is kind of cool name - too bad the association will never go away.
Um - I don't really have any to offer but I think you should look at a map. Maps of different countries too. I bet you could find a cool name!

Elizabeth, not the crazy anon stalker said...

I've recently decided that a girl should be named Matilda. You can thank me later!

I'm not so good with boy names...

Kellie said...

I recently heard Nora(h), Dari and Gareth and thought of you...there you go! I didn't check out the top 100 list either, but I don't believe they are very popular names.


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