Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Puppies, Bellies, and Dancing Queens.

I feel like my dogs get ignored in this blog. Rest assured, in real life they are still the pampered spoiled brats they've always been. I even have photographic evidence of such lady-of-leisureness happening in our house. Behold, Ruby and Miss Piggy:

I love the picture of Ruby's paws because they are delicious slices of corn chip softness. And the Pig pictures are SO Pig. Luca just ADORES them both!

Second, I wanted to address my belly, which is in the words of someone who shall go unnamed to protect her idenity, "Bigger than it's ever been.". It's not just big, it's got it's own life in there, which is incerdible to witness. Andre is moving around all over the place, kicking and punching and rolling and stretching. The other day I think he/she was standing up in there stretching because when I bent to sit down, it felt like there was something blocking me from bending over. As though someone had lodged a broomstick up under my ribcage and I couldn't bend my torso. Bizarre. Here you see some photographic evidence of my belly's expanding size...and I fully admit to only posting semi-flattering pictures, as much as that is possible.

Last, I love the DSLR for its ability to catch Luca's moments of insane cuteness. Sure, I could use some work on the settings and whatnot, but I managed to capture this moment of wild baby dancing. I can't even remember for sure what she was dancing to, but I love the mid-air shot I captured. And I ADORE this amazing kid.

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Elizabeth, not the crazy anon stalker said...

You keep speaking of this big belly. I keep looking and see NOTHING of the sort. What am I missing that these other people are seeing??

I can't tell you enough how adorable I think you are! Remember, only those with opinions which mirror mine count :)


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