Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Operation Stop with the Bop, revisited Day 2.

So, last night was an experience. Yeah. We'll go with 'experience'.

I put Luca down at 8:30, and she was quiet for all of 2 minutes. I heard crying, so I went to check on her, and she was sitting up in bed crying, Bop on her finger like one would put an olive on a pinkie as a child. SO not amused. I gave her some loves and put her back down, then headed downstairs. Two minutes later, we witnessed her (via video monitor) climbing out of bed and stomping around crying. I sent the hubs up to deal, thinking maybe she'd react differently to him.

She climbed into his arms and cried and fussed and asked to play with books and her giant stuffed turtle. He hugged her, rocked her, talked to her, and put her back into bed. She fussed for a few more minutes, tossed, turned, and eventually was out about 45 minutes after being put down. Once she was out, though, she was out for the night.

Fast forward to tonight: bedtime hit and up we went again (naptime was handled at daycare, so no update there, though I have a feeling it isn't an issue there like it is at home). I took her up, said goodnight, and left the room as usual. Again, 2 minutes later she was sitting up in bed crying. I went in to rub her back and she clung to me and lost it, sobbing in hysterics. We rocked for a few minutes, and I talked to her about how I knew she was sad and it was ok to be sad, but Bops were for babies. I asked if she was a baby, and she said, "No, big girl." So then I assured her big girls could be sad and miss the Bop, but it was time to say goodbye to it. She said ok, and we rocked some more and to bed she went.

Granted, she did just wake up, and hour later, but she's coming down with a cold and was having trouble breathing. Some more cuddles and a humidifier, and hopefully she's now down for the night.

Night 2: Muuuuch better.


Lindsey J said...

NO!! NO!! She's not a big girl! She is a baby! Just because you're having another one doesn't mean she's not just a wittle baby! Let her have it you big ol' meanie!

That is my outburst.

Lindsey J said...

Are you making her get a job too?

Muffin Cake said...

Well, YEAH! It's time for her to start paying for her own clothes and entertainment. I refuse to raise a leech on society!

You know I kid. OH! And HOW it broke my heart last night. But it's better to do it now. Daytime Bop weaning at 13 months, Big girl bed at 19, nighttime Bop weaning at 20, potty trained at 2. We have a life plan for her, after all!


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