Monday, January 26, 2009

Luca and her 'girls'.

The past two weekends have been full of fun playdates for Luca. And you just KNOW I had to practice using my shwanky new camera to capture some pictures of the cuteness.

First up, Elle came over to hang out while Darrick was helping her family move. Elle's 6 months old and just such a chill baby. I swear she could be content just staring at people and chewing on a toy. Luca ADORES her and was dying to share toys with her. You can see the huge pile Elle accumulated throughout the afternoon.

Next up was Madison, who is 4 months younger than Luca. The two of them have a blast together, though it seems they are going through the 'mine!' stage at the same time, which can be interesting. Madison's mom sometimes watches Luca for me for a few hours at a time, and Luca is mildly obsessed with her, in a good way. When she sees pictures of her, she says her name and sometimes when we're out places she'll see something that makes her think of Madison and she'll talk about her. It's really, really cute. We hung out with Madison for a few hours so her mom and dad could go watch the Cardinals win the game that got them into the Super Bowl.

And then, just this past weekend, Luca's BFF Melody came to play for a few hours. These two had SO much fun together. We read books, they chased each other around, Luca tortured Melody with kisses, they shared applesauce and yogurt. It was SO much fun having Melody over. My favorite part of the night was when they started stacking bouncy balls on the baby bouncy seat. Luca would place the larger one in the seat, Melody would balance the smaller one on top, and then they bounce the seat, sending the balls flying. Both girls would run after the balls, in fits of giggles, only to end up repeating the process over and over. SO cute!

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