Monday, July 25, 2011

True Story: We're Trash Pickers.

The other day, we were at my in-laws' house and we all decided to head out for lunch. As we backed out of their driveway, my eyes caught site of something amazing:

a huge pile of limbs and yard clippings (we're talking, it was taller than the Civic) with a beauty of a some-kind-of-furniture-in-antique-green upside down amidst the branches.

I pulled to a stop and threw the car into reverse. "LOOK! Babe, look! What IS that???" I demanded.

So my husband, sweet and kind and dutiful and way more willing than my lazy self to get out of the (air conditioned) car and pull this beauty from the (probably scratchy) pile of yard trimmings, went and retrieved said item (in 100+ heat at 11 am after mowing his parents' acre all morning while I lounged at home with the kids reading books and snacking on cherries). He placed it in the middle of the street, checked it for sound construction, and deemed it worthy of being stolen from the front yard trash heap of his parents' neighbors to come home with us.

Let me say this: his parents live in a very well-to-do neighborhood, and this was obviously a trash pile, so we definitely didn't feel like we were maybe stealing from the poor to give to ourselves.

And, also: at Goodwill I guesstimate this would have cost about $35-65, depending who priced it and which Goodwill it went to for sale.

Alas, it's not in perfect condition, but it is a solid wood, antique green with gold leafing vanity that looks absolutely perfect in Luca's room. With a damp cloth we cleaned off the small amount of dirt on it, and welcomed it to its new home.

Long live Trash Picking!

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Colleen Broach said...

Such a great find!!! You could paint white and do the antiquing crackle on it and make it look like some I've seen in catalogs.

I too am a trash picker. Michael used to make fun of me until I found Will a basketball goal from Sharper Image that was worth $90 in someones trash pile. Now he just rolls his eyes as we drive past trash piles, knowing I'm looking for any good finds!


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