Monday, July 18, 2011

Parenting 101: Don't Overthink It.

My brother and his wife had a baby, and my kids are fully obsessed. When Rohan was a newborn, Luca often could be found 'nursing' a doll or stuffed animal while I nursed Rohan. As soon as there were no nursing mommies in her immediate life, however, she switched to mostly feeding her babies from bottles.

Since Patrick's birth, Luca has been around a few times when he's nursed, and it's reignited her interest in breastfeeding her own 'babies'.

The other day, we left the house to meet my family for dinner, and when the kids dragged their feet a bit, I encouraged them to hurry so we could see Patrick. On her way out the door, Luca grabbed her baby, who she has named Rainbow, and brought her along for the ride.

A few minutes into the drive, from the backseat, she chirps up, "Mama? How can I feed my baby?"
"You can nurse her, sweetie."
"Well, you didn't bring any bottles, so you'll have to nurse her."
"But how? How can people feed babies with their boobies?"
(This is big, I thought. I have to handle this correctly. Explain how a mom's body makes the milk and the hormones and the biology...)
"Well, honey, a mama's body was made to make milk for her babies. When she has a baby, her body knows how to make milk and the baby knows how to drink it."
"But how can I feed the baby my boobie milk, mama?"
"Well, sweetie, you just lift your shirt remember, right? You just hold your baby and she can eat. And if you're the mama, your body will -"
"Mommy. Mom?"
" - make the - yes, honey?"
"I mean, how can I feed my baby when my seatbelt straps are in the way?"

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