Sunday, July 17, 2011

Double-Braggin' It.

Rohan's officially potty trained. I guess it's safe to say this now that it's been a few months, though I'm pretty sure the law of the universe says tomorrow he'll poop all over our new floors.

I took the day off work on Tuesday to spend time with good friends who were in town from St. Louis. The morning involved pool time, Goowill hunting, lunch at a favorite pizza spot, a Target run, and then home for naps. Rohan was acting a little like he needed to pee as we left Target, but he denied it so I figured we'd be home in 10 minutes and he could go then. Only he fell asleep in the car and couldn't be roused. No problem, I figured, and I strapped a diaper onto his sleeping body.

A mere 45 minutes into naptime, he was standing in the hall upstairs crying for me. I went up, wondering why he was awake already, and found him clutching his diaper. Figuring he'd wet it, I scooped him up and discovered it was dry. On a hunch, I took him to the bathroom, took off the diaper, and supported his sleepy body in the potty. He peed, leaned into me, and closed his eyes. Back to bed we went, where he was fast asleep again for another hour. Odd, I thought. And then I realized: he'd woken to pee. But I knew it was probably a fluke.

Not so. Since then, he's done this same thing to me 3 times, to my mom while at her house once, and one more time to Luca, who happily escorted him to the bathroom and helped him out. Yeah, she's really an awesome big sister. And it's not just naptime. The past two nights he's done this as well, peeing on the potty before letting me tuck him right back into bed. I'm considering putting a little training potty in his room and putting him to bed in undies. Any of my readers out there have insight on whether that tactic would work or backfire?

Either way, I remain 100% impressed by his ability to pretty much potty train himself only 3 months after his second birthday. That boy is amazing!


We spent most of today prepping the last area of downstairs for laminates. Our entry way feeds into the stairs, the garage, the front door, and the den, which is sunken and includes two steps. When we ripped up our tile back in October of last year, we didn't rip out everything on those steps because we didn't know what we'd do in that area. Today, we realized it needed to be stripped and cleaned in order for the entry flooring to be completed. Once that was done, we installed more floors, took the old sliders and stove to donate at the Habitat for Humanity REStore and Goodwill, and then came home for more flooring work. Darrick did most of the work while I entertained/intercepted the kids and made lunches and dinners to keep everyone's bellies happy.

After dinner, Darrick and Rohan went to my ILs' house to check on their pets and pool since they are out of town until tomorrow. Left alone, Luca suddenly deemed our night, "Girls' Night Out Only" (I think she heard me talking about a GNO invite I'd received earlier in the day) and decided we should do something 'just for the girls'. So, together we colored pictures, then put on our suits and went for a swim. She kept saying over and over how it was time for 'just the girls' and how 'the boys can't come with us', and then she would get very giddy and laugh loudly before running into my arms and giving me kisses and cuddles. We played basketball in the pool and she practiced floating, then together we came inside to put on 'super warm jammies' and watch a 'kid show' (Netflix of the show BusyTown). It was so amazing to get to spend even a few hours one-on-one with my girl, and to see her excited about it as well. We spend as much time together as possible when I'm not working, but the truth is I very rarely get one-on-one quality time with either kid to do whatever they want and luxuriate in it being special time for us together. I love watching my sweet baby growing into a sweet girl, listening to her ideas for games and her stories. I love hearing her thoughts and being asked by her to do things together. There is just something so sweet about individual relationships with each of my kids. Before I had two, I worried I'd get along with one better or feel more bonded to one over the other, but the reality is I have so much love for both of them that sometimes it overwhelms me. I see the girl Luca is slowly blooming into, and I love that girl, but I also really, genuinenly like her. She's smart and creative and imaginative. She's kind and tender and loving and just the right amount of sassy. And she loves spending special time with her mama and doing things that are ours and ours alone. And I love her even more for that.

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