Saturday, July 24, 2010

In Plain Sight.

As part of the YAWYK Challenge I have been tapping into my inspiration to revamp some of our rooms to be less cluttered and more useful in our daily lives. A big one I'm in the midst of tackling? The den/weightroom/office/crap pile. This room is a serious eyesore, which is a shame because it was part of what appealed to us about this house and it's in plain sight.

When you come in the front door, to the right is The Room, and though I was charging my camera battery and didn't get a 'real' Before shot, I have some in-transition shots that pretty much sum it up.

Sigh. Ok. The box springs leaning against the wall to the left foreground was brought over by my mother in law. She just sort of....showed up with it? She thought it would fit in Rohan's crib when we covert it to a toddler bed. Which, given Rohan's personality, won't be happening for awhile. So....there it sits. We have nowhere to store it. You'll also note the weight bench, which was square in front of that big window on the main wall until I convinced Darrick to move it and open up the room more,  and TONS of stuff over to the left. Let us look closer, shall we?

On top of and in front of the desk is stuff that was on the shelves and in the compartments of the bookshelves to the right. Lest you ever doubt how obsessed I am with photos, please note that most of these things are pictures I've developed over the years, albums, and frames. I might have a bit of a problem.

These are the bookshelves everything was taken out of. They are nice and solid, but not the color we like and not really functional for what we want this room to be. They will be sold.

We haven't tackled this side yet...another bookshelf and a small table intended for an entertainment system. Both will be sold, as will the stereo set-up, which works but no longer plays CDs. Speaking of...I think it's well past time for a different CD storage solution.

So, I'll have some numbers to share for the YAWYK tally, as well as After pictures, hopefully by the end of this weekend. I have big plans in my head, but we're doing this on the cheap so they will only come to fruition if I have good luck at the local thrift/consignment stores.

While we were in a frenzy, I also moved the pink play tent that used to live in this room up into Luca's bedroom, and the train table that was in her room into Rohan's. She LOVES the tent in her room so much she is napping in there right now.

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Kari said...

Ahhhh!!! I love her little tent!!! To be a kid again...::sigh:: :)


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