Saturday, July 10, 2010

Books and Butterflies.

We paid a visit to Bookman's tonight, a local resale store for books, movies, music, games, and some home decor items. I took in a bin of old books, including a few text books from college, as well as a few home decor 'trinkets'. In total, they bought:

2 text books
2 Jodi Picoult novels
1 children's book
1 vase
1 picture frame holder

The other books they didn't buy could have been left there for donation to a prison library, but if the library didn't take them, they would have just been recycled. So we decided to take them with us and donate them to our local library.

We also tossed out two paper butterflies that have been hanging above our TV, which is now placed where the changing table used to be when we first moved in the house. Yup - they had been there for over 3 years! They had a thin film of dust on them but Luca was still sad to see them go.

We also threw out a bag of old balloons from some party long-over, an old plastic table cloth, and a pair of broken flip flops.

Last, we cancelled 3 of our paper bills and set them up for automatic payments, which will save paper that ends up sitting on our counter and then put in a pile somewhere. It also saves me from my bad memory for dates, since now I don't need to remember to pay those bills!

I feel like my YAWYK efforts are slow-going, but I'm happy to be making progress!

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Tabitha said...

Progress is progress, right??

You are doing a great job, Katie! I am loving your updates! Sometimes I feel like my efforts are slow going too. But then I remember that it's all the little things that make the mess in the first place... so it's ok that I am tackling little things now. :o)


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