Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Two of Hearts.

February 1, 2010: Him and Her.

Every once in awhile, I lift the kids up to sit on my hip, one at a time, for pictures. It's a good way to keep them captive, and also enables me to position them in a good window spot that casts light on their face and darkens the background. Because...let us be honest...half the pictures I take of my kids aren't for public consumption because of the frenzy of toys or laundry or dog butts or whatever in the background.

The hard part about this is that I'm shooting blind. I hold the camera in front of me against the window, with the viewfinder facing away, aim and snap several shots. Usually I manage at least 2 or 3 good pictures, some by chance and some by determination.

This series cracked me up because it clearly showed the difference between my kids. I'm unsure if it's an age thing, a personality thing, or something else...but they react so differently to picture time.

When I pull out the camera for Rohan, he IS ON. He smiles. He grabs at it with those big hands. He laughs. He does silly faces and scrunches his nose and does this little hop in my arms.

Luca, on the other hand, can be persuaded to smile (sort of) for a small window of time in which I manically try to take as many pictures as possible. Remember how I'm doing it with my arm extended out and the viewfinder...well...not finding my view? In this case, I am extra lucky to get a cute picture or three. And if I dare to take more than a few, she starts to hide her face and say, "All done, Mama. I'm all done. No more pictures, Mama."

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Colleen said...

Great photos. I found that taking photos of Will, that if I do it early in the morning or afternoon you get a softer glow on them. Which makes them look just as angelic as they already are.


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