Monday, February 8, 2010

Donuts are the Key to Weight Loss.

For real, though...if you live in or around Chandler and you kinda like donuts, you need to go to BoSa on Az Ave and Ray. Because your kinda like will become rabidly love. I promise. If you're not sure you believe me, order a buttermilk knot, and thank me all the way to the Fat Farm.

Or, as it were this week....the Less-Fat Farm? Because I totally caved this weekend and went out for donuts with my hubby and kids on Saturday. And of course we didn't get one donut to share...we bought the whole dozen. When you know you have to face the scale on Sunday morning, why not mow down a few donuts the day before, right? In my, I have no defense really except DAMN THOSE DONUTS ARE GOOOOOOOD.

Eaten: 1 boston creme, 1/4 buttermilk knot, and a bite of Luca's pink iced donut.

Lost: 1.5 pounds.

On one hand, this shows me that if I follow the WW plan all week, I can SO splurge now and then and not feel deprived while still managing to lose weight.

On the other hand, did I mention how damn good those donuts are?!?!?

Aside from the donuts, though, I did quite a bit of cooking at home this week. My focus was on healthier dinners, which is where I tend to struggle. So I have been practicing homemade sweet potato fries, pan-grilling veggie burgers, using whole grain breads, eating lots of veggies, and satisfying my sweet tooth with low-point desserts. And you know? I'm not missing the 'bad' stuff because I'm having a pretty good time trying new recipes and eating fresh. The best part is that in Arizona we can get lots of fresh produce all year-round, which definitely keeps me on track.

I'm not winning the BL challenge with my friends, but it's only week 2, and we have several more weeks to go. Some of the girls on the challenge are shooting for losing 15-20%, but I know myself and I know that will never happen. So my goals are:

1: Lose 5%, which would get way heavier than I want to be? But 5% LESS heavy. Yup.

2: Lose 10%, which, according to WW, has these benefits:
- Lowers your blood pressure (I have a genetic predisposition to high blood pressure, and have never personally had a problem with it, but I will do whatever I need to in order to keep it that way!)and reduces your risk for having a stroke.
- Reduces your risk for developing diabetes. If you’re already a person with diabetes, losing weight can help to improve insulin function and lower your blood sugar levels.
- Reduces cholesterol levels (Again, I have a family history of hogh cholesterol, and have not had problems with it myself, but don't ever want to either!).
- Reduces strain on your joints.
- Feel great! Your clothes will feel looser, you’ll feel more energetic, and your new habits will start to feel a little more like second nature!

When I hit 10%, I'm going to celebrate with something special. I'm not sure what yet, but maybe a facial and massage?

3: Lose 15%, which will get me into a hell of a lot of clothes in my closet that don't currently fit.

4: Lose 20%, which will get me to where I think I will feel more comfortable in my skin.

5: Get to pre-babies weight. Which, sadly, is more than 20% loss. I almost wish I hadn't done the math, because I'm feeling a little bleh about THAT.

And about the BL challenge, I'll be honest: I'm banking on some people losing steam about 4 or 5 weeks in, and hoping my slow and steady wins the race. I am tortoise, they are hare? We'll see.


jen gay said...

KD! You are always on the same wavelength with me! Just this morning I was chastising myself for having that chocolate top pot donut. (Badly, done Jen!) I've been trying to eat healthy now so I don't have to work extra hard later and it sucks! My husband is type one diabetic and we count carbs in our house. It seems to work pretty good, in theory (until you eat the chocolate donut :( )
Grace also has had a few episodes with the butter, which I have tried to no avail to explain we DO NOT eat in handfuls. Alas! Good Luck with your challenge, I hope you win the money :)

xoxo Jen

Blair said...

Congrats on the weight loss and HELL MONKEYS because now I want donuts.

& dude, I'm sitting on needing to lose 20%, too. oy.

but you just made me realize that I've done 5%! So thank you for making someone's day :)


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