Sunday, December 13, 2009

This weekend.

We went to a Secret Santa party for kids. And though it was only the tag on her gift and not her ACTUAL gift, Luca cannot stop playing with this:

We learned that blueberries really ARE a food Rohan can't have. I fed him 3 little bites of blueberry pancake on Saturday morning, and 5 minutes later his arm was swollen and his skin was blotchy. This was our first experience with 'flushing', which is pretty common in Masto kids when they have a reaction. It was pretty scary, but over quickly and it didn't seem to bug him much.

photo courtesy

We stayed up too late on both Friday and Saturday. But when you have this sweet smile keeping you up, it's easier to deal with:

Rohan found the chalkboard. Perhaps he'll grow up to be the next Picasso? very least poo in interesting colors after eating the chalk.

Luca showed me her baby Elmo, who she now calls "Momo", which is a nickname Darrick coined for Rohan. And she told me, "I hafta be nice to Momo. Cuz Mamas are nice." When I asked if she loved her baby, she said, "Yeah. And Mama loves me SO MUCH. To the moon and the sky!" Love that girl.

And I had a glimpse of the future. Hers (in heels and accessories) and his (flirting with cute girls when Em and Isaac came into town and brought Zoe to visit).

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