Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!

These are not the Christmas trees of my youth. THOSE trees were so full and lush they could hold all the crafts and kitsch created by 4 kids (handprint ornaments, cardboard picture-in-the-middle ornaments, paper chains, popcorn chains, candy canes made to look like reindeer....). THESE trees are, well, victims of years of drought conditions it seems. It took my brother and husband nearly 3 hours to find 2 trees for us to take home. Nevermind that my mom had hers in the back of the truck within 10 minutes.

So even though our tree is drier than I'd like...and even though it's not making my house smell like pine as much as I'd remembered from childhood...and even though it's kind of crooked and there's a gap in the branches...we love it! The day was fun, our tree has character, and Christmas has landed in our house!

1 comment:

anna said...

aww... you're such an adorable family!!


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