Monday, May 18, 2009

Sick Day.

There's something about a low-key sick day that makes me feel like a 'real' mom. The snuggles, the rocking, the naps on the couch, the juice and humidifiers and warm jammies and cool washcloths on the forehead.

Holding your sick kid as they drift off in your arms, their skin clammy and sweaty, their hair in damp ringlets, eyes pink-rimmed. Kissing flushed cheeks. Running a hand over their forehead, behind the ear, and over the nape of the neck to soothe them. Backrubs and sippies of cool water. All that NURTURING it requires really brings out the mothering instinct and makes me want to protect and heal.

Of course, you can't heal a cold. And so you do whatever you can to soothe your little love instead. Bananas and mismatched jammies were a start.

As you can see, even Ruby joined in the campaign to make Luca feel better.

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