Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 3 of 30 and Romo update

I just completed my 3rd day of this workout. In addition to staying under my points yesterday (which SHOULD be easy since nursing moms get like twiddlyjillion points...especially when they weigh as much as I do!) I did the whole workout today without stopping. Yes, it's only 20 minutes but HELLO 2 kids in 2 years? And let me tell you, I will continue doing this workout for the 30 days because on day 3 I am DOWN TWO POUNDS! Actually, down 3.5 since Monday, but I started the Shred on Wednesday, so that's the day I'm counting from.

Yes, I's probably water weight. PEOPLE! I DO NOT CARE. I birthed an 8 lb, 12 oz baby and the next day when I stepped on the scale, I'd only lost 13 pounds. read that right. I won't go into how much I GAINED, but suffice it to say I have a lot to lose and I'm taking my victory (water-based though it may be) and running with it! It's given me the added momentum I needed to put that DVD back on today while both kids are napping when what I *really* wanted to do was clean the great room in preparation for Luca's birthday party this weekend and then take a nap.


In Romo news, the poor bug had a rough morning yesterday, but after a nice dose of Gripe Water and Hyland's Colic Tablets and a good long nap, he was in a good mood the rest of the day. We got an appointment for him with Phoenix Children's Hospital, where the dermatology clinic lists 'Mastocytosis' as a condition they deal with. I'm not expecting a miracle for him, but I'd love some tips on coping with his belly pain that accompanies the blistering, and perhaps a prescription for some antihistamines (the ONLY thing I've found in my research that can prevent big flare-ups and thereby make him feel better when he's about the blister) and an epi pen. Why the epi pen? Well, kids with Masto tend to be SUPER sensitive to common allergens and their histamine levels in their body are already too high. So a run-in with an allergen for Romo has the potential to be MUCH more severe than for a normal kid. Things like bee stings can cause reactions up to anaphylacitc shock, and that's not something you want happening to your (sweet, handsome, so precious you want to wrap him up in a bow and carry him everywhere in your pocket because look at these eyes:

and this smile:

and tell me you don't want to do the same) baby boy.

The appointment is next Thursday, so I'm sure I'll have lots to update on then. Wish us luck!!

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