Sunday, May 24, 2009

"I need to feed my baby."

Luca: "I need to feed my baby."
Me: "You do?"
L: "I do. I need a pillow." :::grabbing Mommy's BrestFriend pillow and sitting on her beanbag chair:::
M: "Do you need some help, Luca?"
L: "Help you please?"
M: "Sure thing, honey." :::snapping pillow for her:::
L: "I need a blankie."
M: "Here you go." :::handing her nursing cover:::
L: "I need lift my shirt."

M: "What is your baby's name, Luca?"
L: "Rohan!" :::pointing proudly at her baby and smiling:::
M: "You're a good mommy, Luca."
L: "I am."


M is for Miller said...

omg this is too cute for words! man, kids sure do "watch and learn" huh???? make sure you tuck these pics into the blackmail folder :p

Tabitha said...


cupcake monkey said...

This is the cutest thing ever!!!!

Crystal said...

Awesome. Your kids are awesome.

(That's me assuming that the 2nd one is awesome, as I have not technically met him yet.)

Nisha said...

Someone got the good mommy genes! You are setting such a great example! :)


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