Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sleeping by yourself at night can make you feel alone.

A side effect of Darrick's shoulder surgery is that he's not able to sleep in bed. The first night after his surgery, he was up and down between the recliner and the couch, and even tried to prop himself up in bed...to no avail. Add a teething Luca to the mix, and suffice it to say no one got much sleep that night. By about 4 am, he discovered that the couch was the most comfortable, and that's where he been every night since. He has an arsenal of pillows down on the couch, as well as a thin sheet (for when the pain meds make him sweat) and a comforter (for when he misses the feeling of my fluffy ass next to him?). In the morning, they get piled up on top of Luca's chalkboard table, and in the evening he has to fight the dogs to get possession back of 'his' new bed.

So we're essentially living like Lucy and Ricky, sleeping in separate beds. The first few nights I'd wake at 3 am startled and worried he wasn't next to me. I've since adjusted now that we're a week into this arrangement. Truth be told, while I miss him, I am relishing a few things about this change. One, Darrick is a wretched snorer. He snores pretty badly on the couch, but I have the luxury of being able to shut the bedroom door and shut the snoring out. Two, I now have a California King bed all to myself. And, really, what could be better?

Well...actually...I know what could be better. My hubby. Next to me every night, and feeling all better.


Troy and Jessica said...

Again...I feel your pain. Troy's in Nebraska for all of Oct! It's sad sleeping alone. & VERY scary knowing he's not even in the house & you're alone w/ 2 babies! Funny how you take a male presence for granted once you've had it. (But on the + side I don't have to worry about him trying to push me off the bed or stealing my spot when I get up in the night...) Hope Darrick feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Awww!!!! I wouldn't miss the snoring (Kevin snores also and sometimes I get no sleep at all..) but when he was out of town I felt really lonely at night. :( I hope he's better soon.


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