Friday, October 24, 2008

An early Halloween

My friend, Cyrena (aka The Kool-Aid Mom) invited a bunch of moms and babies over to her house for an early Halloween party, and it was so much fun! All in all there were 12 babies ranging from a few months to over 2 years old. It was cuteness overload for sure, and I made sure to take some pictures for posterity. You just HAVE to admire all the baby cuteness...and part of the charm is that there's not one single picture where everyone is calm and happy. Classic.


Mady, Madison, Caleb, Lily

Elle, Luca, Katelyn, Mady, Madison, Caleb, Lily, Kristen, Noah

Madison, Lily, Kristen holding Timmy, Noah

Elle, Luca, Mady, Caleb, Madison, Lily, Kristen holding Timmy, Noah

Madison, Lily, Kristen holding Timmy, Noah, David

Luca and Mady

Madison the alien/monster and Lily the bumble bee

Madison, Lily, and Caleb

Luca, AKA the World's Cutest ASU Cheerleader

Monster Madison

Lily Bee

Noah the courageous lion

Luca and Mady

Mady and Luca


Kellie said...

OH my God, I'm dying!! I love that Elle is passed out in those pics. And a cheerleader, huh? I didn't think you'd ever have a cheerleader ;)

She's adorable!

Anonymous said...

These are priceless pictures!


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