Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sweet Little Pumpkins.

Luca and her BFF Melody paid a visit to the pumpkin patch yesterday. As far as pumpkin patches go, the one we went to was fair to middlin', but all we really wanted was the photo op and some outside time for the kids, so it served its purpose. We also left with 2 pumpkins. Darrick had to find 'the biggest pumpkin here', and then we let Luca choose one her size. We finished up the evening by going out for pizza and root beer (that's about as wild as it gets when you have 2 toddlers and 2 pregnant women at the table). Luca had so much fun that she crashed out as soon as she was strapper in her carseat, and slept 12 straight hours.

And now....the pictures.


Colleen Broach said...

AWW, Katie, I love the last one of Luca. Oh and I love the shoes!!! TOO cute, I can't believe how old she looks, she is growing up too fast.

Anonymous said...

The ones with Luca and her BFF together are ADORABLE!! She's such a gorgeous little girl!


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