Monday, October 27, 2008

Six Things.

You all owe Lindsey a giant thank you for making me do this.

Six Weird or Unusual Things About Me:

1. I'm terrified of the ocean. I know I'm far more likely to die driving to work than by shark attack swimming in the ocean, but that level of reasoning does not change my fear. And it's not just's everything under the surface of the water, just lurking and hiding and waiting to attack. I was stung by a sting ray in Mexico the first time I braved the surf there, and it hurt for days on end. On our honeymoon, we did a snorkeling tour of the protected reef and I was so scared something would sneak up on me that I made sure there was always an old person or a 10 year old boy behind me, so they'd get picked off first. Nice? No. Self-preservation? Yes.

2. I am addicted to Beverly Hills 90210 reruns. A friend offered me her old Tivo, and I took it for the sole purpose of taping all those episodes of 90210 that Soap Net plays while I am at work.

3. I know the lyrics to so many songs, it's ridiculous. I may not know who sings it, or what it's called, but I know the lyrics. My old co-worker used to refer to me as 'The Human iPod' for my ability to just randomly sing lyrics to songs from the 50s all the way to now.

4. I enjoy being pregnant. Yes...enjoy it. The growing belly...the feeling of baby moving...even the birth. Love it all. Would do it 10 times if I could afford to.

5. I'm pretty shy. I force myself to be an extrovert sometimes, but usually I'd prefer to hang out on the periphery and wait for someone to talk to me than to try to make small talk. Small talk kills me. I hate it.

6. I can't think of a 6th weird fact about me. Which must make me boring.

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