Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finally, Ponytails, Barettes, and Headbands!

I guess Luca has pretty long hair for her age...or so lots of moms tell me. I think it looks 'average', but this is coming from a mom who had a bob herself by the age of 15 months.

The problem is, her hair is hard to DO anything with. We've been trying to get her used to clip-in bows and barettes, since I see no need to cut her hair just yet, but the front part gets in her eyes. Sometimes we get away with sneaking them in (2 tips: put them in while your kid is sleeping, OR put 2 in, one below the other, so that baby feels a barette, pulls is out, and the top one stays in place), but by and large she HATES stuff on her head. This is nothing new. The kid never liked hats or sunglasses either.

Never one to give up too easily, I kept persisting, and as reward for my patience (, I've managed to sneak a few cute hair days by her. So, you KNOW I have to share proof of these proud parenting moments, right?

Single barette snuck on while napping.

Taking the 'multiple barettes put in will ensure at least one STAYS in approach' to the extreme.


Headband fun!

The headband, amazingly, stayed in for HOURS!


cupcake monkey said...

Those are awesome!!!!!!!!! I especially love the headband shots!!! :)

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE IT!!! Luca looks so sweet and super girlie with that cute pink headband and you already know how much I ADORE pigtails! I think your "sneak it in while they sleep" approach is absolute genius. I may be stealing it soon...

Tabitha said...

She is adorable! I love all her little girly pics!

maui8908 said...

Too cute! I love the headband and pigtail shots :)


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