Sunday, July 27, 2008

Best and Worst of Vacation.

I keep meaning to share some more about our California vacation, but between first trimester fatigue (lots of naps required) and general avoidance of the computer since I'm in denial about the need to return to work tomorrow, I've slacked.

So....I am going to do a little Best and Worst.

Best Thing About Flying:
A baby who sleeps from takeoff to landing, thus rewariding us with praise from flight attendants and fellow passengers alike. Seriously, I am SO lucky! On the way to LA, Luca fell asleep on my lap at takeoff, and woke when we exited the plane. On the way home, same deal. Both times there was no fussing, crying, or general baby annoyingness to be found. I always fear being 'that mom' on a plane, but every flight she's been on (this makes 4) she's been a trooper!

Worst Thing About Flying:
Feeling like a jerkface for being skeeved out by the older dude who sat next to us. First, there were other open seats, so I wondered why he would sit next to a mom and her pretty baby. And then he started to ask questions, like her age and name and if this was herr first flight. Later, as she slept in my arms, he offered a spot on his tray for my juice. I tried my hardest not to assume he was a weirdo. And felt like a COMPLETE ass when I realized that his WIFE was across the aisle, and his teen daughter was 2 rows in front of us. Turns out, he was just a kind man, and I need to stop watching the news, as it appears to be making me a paranoid freak.

Best Thing About LA:
Seeing my Gramma! She's just the sweetest and cutest, and we love hanging out with her and listening to her stories...even IF it's for the 347th time. Nothing beats Gramma!

Worst Thing About LA:
Aside from the crime, grime, and general ickiness of the area Gramma lives in, it would be showing up at her house on the way home to discover she's in the hospital. Granny has heart issues, and was having breathing problems, so she was checked in for the night. We only got to see her for a few minutes, but it seems she'll be ok.

Best Part About Bass Lake:
What's not to love? The movie The Great Outdoors was filmed here for a reason! It's beautiful, quiet, the water is perfect. AND we got free lodging thanks to my Aunt!!

Worst Part About Bass Lake:
Not enough time to enjoy the perfect water and weather. I want to go back NOW!!!

Best Part About Yosemite:
Oh my gosh....IS there a best part??? I've been to Yosemite a TON of times (my sister worked there for years and my mom grew up vacationing there), but I always love it. We visited most of the 'big sites', so here's a quick run down.
- Glacier Point: the place to see it all. It's a drive up here (you can also hike it, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone but THE most avid and in shape of hikers), but really worth it. You park at the top and walk around a loop of sorts. When you come up the first trail, you're greeted by Half Dome, looming large and in charge...and DAMN is it an amazing site:

If you walk around further, you see down into the valley, and can view the different falls, Curry Village, and the park's swanky resort:

- Yosemite Falls (upper and lower): we only did the trail to the Lower Falls as it was easily manageable with a small child and stroller. In the spring, when you get to the falls, you get sprayed with water. In late summer, you have to climb the rocks to get to the water, which Darrick happily did.

- Bridal Veil Fall: this is a short hike, and like Yosemite Falls it'll splash you in the spring. When we went up, the water flow was pretty weak, so we went rock climbing for a bit to find some streams. Very pretty, and an easy hike for most.

- Vernal Falls: All I can say is WHAT A HIKE. It's 8/10 of a mile from the sign at the bottom, and it feels like it's 8 miles. Why? Well....the beginning is deceivingly simple...a slow and steady uphills slope. The further you get, the more steep the trail, and you'll find people young and old pulling over to catch their breath. Seriously. Hardest hike I've ever done. I made it to the top, thanks to some help from Darrick (who beat me up there, enjoyed the view, then turned around to retrieve me an coach me the last 100 or so feet). This hike was done without my mom and baby...thankfully my mom talked us OUT of trying to push the stroller up the hill, because I'm pretty sure I would have about DIED. Once you get to the bridge, you can go another 7/10 of a mile to the top of the falls, OR another 7 or so miles up Half Dome. thanks. We'll leave that to the fit Europeans.

- Mirror Lake: an easy half mile trek, slowly uphill most of the way, to a beautiful and serene lake. The water is freezing, but it's worth sneaking some feet into.

The Worst About Yosemite:
Not much.


Brandi said...

UGH! I'm so jealous! That looks like an amazing summer vacation. Can't wait to get there and experience those sights for myself. :)

maui8908 said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. And I LOVE the pic of Luca "singing". She is too cute!


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