Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Next Time...

...I get pregnant, I want it to be a surprise.

...I am craving chocolate I will eat a banana instead.

........I have a weekday off with my husband and kids, I will pack a picnic and spend hours watching my kids chase ducks and discover dandelions.

....I  feel inspired by something, I will take a picture.

...I go shopping for clothes I'll be one size smaller.

.......I talk to my husband about money, I'll do it without being defensive.

...I have a warm spring day stretching out in front of me, I'll spend it with my the palms of my hands in the earth outside.

......I wish we had a garden, I'll plant one.

...I do laundry, I'll use obscene amounts of fabric softener and then let them dry on the line, soaking in the sun's warmth.

...I take a vacation it'll be a road trip with snacks and songs and windows down.

.....I have the urge to cut my hair all off and get bangs, I'll follow that urge.

...A friend compliments me I will thank them sincerely and not try to explain or apologize my way out of it.

.....I make my husband laugh, I will bask in the glow of hearing him say, to no one or whomever is near, "Isn't she funny?". Because I am.

...I am debating between lying on the couch on a pile of pillows cocooned in a blanket reading a book and cleaning my kitchen, I'll try my hardest to choose the book.

.....I want a donut, I'll get one from my favorite local shop and enjoy every last bite of it, calories be damned.

...I have a fleeting thought about how much I love someone/how nice they look/how amazing their laugh sounds I will say it right out loud.

......I catch a glimpse of myself with my kids in the mirror, I will watch a little longer like a voyeur taking in every detail of that amazing and beautiful love.

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