Saturday, February 12, 2011


Today was a perfect day in Arizona, with a high of 77 and big, blue skies.

Our morning was split between crafts, baths (I tried to take one alone, but Rohan refuses to be left out of bathtime), and parties. We celebrated two birthdays, two soon-to-be-born new baby girls, and Valentine's Day. We ate bananas and cookies and allergen-free puppy chow and fat red strawberries dipped in pink deliciousness.

And after naptime, where my husband snuck out and got my tires rotated for me (AKA married romance) we went to the park to soak in some sunshine. We climbed ladders, watched our hair stand on end from the static on blue plastic slides, puddled wood chips into piles and then kicked them over, ran and climbed and jumped and made new friends. When it was over, we rode the carousel before heading to the car and grabbing dinner together on a patio in the waning hours of daylight. we ran out to the car with balloons bobbing behind us.

Half the year, your face melts as soon as the sun rises over the eastern horizon. So this time of year, we soak in the mild sunshine and feel smug about living here. I am really loving Luca and Rohan at this age too. They play together. They argue. The hug and laugh and she bosses him around and he steals her doll and runs away, laughing maniacally, and I love every second of it. We are blessed with two kids who are smart and sweet and kid and empathetic. She is wise beyond her years and so smart and intuitive it blows my mind on a daily basis. Her sense of humor is spot on, her memory is flawless, and though she's prone to stubbornness she must get from her dad's side of the family (ha.) she is such an easy kid to be around. And he is, hands-down, the funniest kid I've ever known. He will do anything to make us laugh, and isn't shy about asking for more tummy tickles or for someone to "Get Mo! Come on!" so that he can run wildly across the couch cushions and belly flop, hiding his face under a blanket and giggling like mad.

We eat up these perfect days, as the sun stays up longer and the temperatures woo us and draw us outside.

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