Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A side effect of all the sickness we've been battling in our house lately is the ever-running and stuffy noses. Rohan has taken to lifting the neckline of his shirt to his face, saying, "NOTS!" (snots) and then wiping it off on the inside of the collar. Luca tends to be more demure, asking (ok, demanding) a tissue or wipe when her nose needs tending.

On Sundays we meet with my family for dinner, and though we were not feeling well this past weekend was no exception. I probably would have bowed out, but my Grandma is having some serious health issues and my mom wanted to update us, so we packed up the kids and headed to a little Mexican food place near our house.

My brother and his wife have been dealing with the plague I had a few weeks ago, and Sunday was the first day they were both feeling better, but they came a little later than everyone else because their stomachs are on weak legs still, and they had eaten a late lunch. Luca was super excited for them to show up, as they brought her cousin Julia, and Julia makes the sun shine in Luca's world.  She quickly abandoned my end of the booth to go sit by Julia's highchair and entertain her Aunt and Uncle.

We were all talking when Luca interrupted saying, "Uncle Bob! Uncle Bob!" He turned his attention her way, and she proudly bragged to him, "I just blew a booger bubble with my NOSE!"

I'm fairly certain my brother has never been so proud.

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Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

ahahaha Love that girl! I love that she can be so lady-like and then say something like that!


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