Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday Service

Here's how Sunday looks in our house. We may not pray, nor go to church, nor subscribe to a set religious dogma. But we hold Truths and we praise the universe for our blessings, and on Sundays we make a cozy house with remnants of crafts long abandoned littering the floor and blocks spilled in every room and marker on our hands and faces. It's not religion in it's strictest (or loosest, even) sense, but it is that thing which gives us meaning and centers us and helps us make the Right Decisions and act with Morals and Character. It's this happy home with these loud and wild kids, the time to chill out on the stairs for her, the reminder of 'nice hands' for him, the fighting and the fitting and the kisses that always follow. It's all of this that reminds us that the universe is beautiful and ever-expanding and that in life we can be rewarded for our good deeds with sweetness beyond our wildest imaginations.

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