Sunday, October 3, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane.

I'm heading out shortly for Portland for 2 days of meetings. Traveling for work is something I have a love/hate relationship with. Before I had kids, it was a great excuse to see other parts of the U.S., get some quiet alone time to control the remote, and order room service. Now that I've got short stack and momack at home, leaving is hard. Akin to clawing my heart out of my own chest and setting on the kitchen table before hopping on a 747.

But we had a great weekend, with park time and breakfast out and a long-overdue brow wax for me (amazing how that can really change how you feel), and family over for dinner. So I'm in a positive place and ready to tackle two nights in a big bed with nobody crying for me at 4 am and no sharp toddler elbows in my ribcage all night.

But I'm going to miss them.

I'm going to miss my husband and his homemade dinners and bear hugs and the way we can look at each other and speak without words and how we're a team who can laugh at the insanity that is parenthood.

I'm going to miss Rohan's hugs and kisses and tumbling cuddles and his smile and laugh and the way he collapses into me at the end of the day, ready to be carried to his crib to meet his dreams.

And I'm going to miss Luca and conversations like this:
Luca: "Did you get your eye hairs fixed today?"
Me: "I did. I got my eyebrows waxed."
L: "Oh. Maybe I can get my eyedroes waxded too."
M: "No way. YOURS are perfect just how they are! In fact, when I went in I said, 'Please make mine look like Luca's' and so they did."
L: "Hm. No, I think the lady doesn't know me and she would say, 'WHO is LUCA????'!!"
M: "I guess you're right."

Love that girl and how clever and funny and sweet she is.

I'll miss them, but Portland here I come!

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